Security Strategy

A strategy is always a great starting point for any organisation to build a security program that is aligned with its business. A security strategy ensures that all the security aspects are well covered right from the start and they are aligned with the IT and/or OT strategy. Developing a security strategy starts with an in-depth analysis of the business and then it further details a series of steps necessary for identifying, remediating and managing the security risks to maintain a relevant level of compliance. It provides a road map for getting to the desired security posture over a period of time.

Securemation brings 30+ years of experience in Cyber Security to help organisations build their Security Strategy to support business goals and objectives.

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Security Operations Center (SOC)

Risk Management

Threats are constantly increasing and evolving with time. We have already seen the impact of WannaCry, Petya, Meltdown & Spectre. Moreover, the IT teams are managing increasingly complex environments with increasing consumption of cloud services. This makes the management of Information Security risks a significant challenge for most organisations.

Securemation has a systematic approach to identify and manage security risks for their clients. We build and align risk management strategies to the client’s business strategy. To attain this objective we perform a series of Threat and Risk Assessments (TRA) to identify risks applicable to the environment. We prioritize the risks and further formulate strategies to remediate them in an effective and financially viable manner.

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Global standards based Information Security Management System

ISMS Implementation

An Information Security Management System (ISMS) is a structured and systematic approach for managing an organisation’s security posture. The objective of an ISMS is to manage information security risks and maintain it within acceptable limits.

Due to increased dependency on the internet, organisations and their systems are continuously exposed to various threats. There has been a spike in the number of security breaches happening across the globe. Considering the significant level of damages caused by breaches, all businesses with valuable information should consider implementing an ISMS.

With our expertise and experience we are able to help prepare businesses to become ISO 27001 certified. ISO 27001 is a global standard for establishing  an ISMS. Securemation follows a structured approach to plan, implement and operationalize the ISMS for our clients in an agile and financially sustainable manner.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerabilities are the flaws/weaknesses in IT and OT systems that can leave the system susceptible to an attack. Despite security controls being in place, identification of new vulnerabilities always pose a threat to any organisation. Every day, new vulnerabilities are discovered. This triggers a need for assessing vulnerabilities at defined intervals.

When organisations execute a vulnerability scan, large numbers of vulnerabilities are reported by the scanner. Due to lack of resources and time most of the organisations fail to remediate high volumes of vulnerabilities and achieve their required level of risk and compliance. The vulnerabilities posing a high risk to the business are buried in the numerous vulnerabilities identified and may not get remediated in a timely manner.

Securemation has come up with a unique risk-based approach to deal with high volumes of vulnerabilities. We relate each vulnerability to the business context and enable the organisations to focus on the top risk vulnerabilities. This ensures that organisation can achieve their desired levels of risk and compliance with reduced efforts. Our approach can result in up-to 80% reduction of time, effort and cost.

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Audit & Gap Analysis

Security reviews aim to provide the organisation a precise view of their current state from a people, process, and technology standpoint. It helps the organisation to identify security gaps in order to plan an effective risk management plan. This helps to build or maintain the security posture of an organisation.

Securemation has certified and experienced professionals to conduct architecture reviews, process reviews, and gap analysis. These activities are performed in accordance with various industry best practices and standards coupled with a “road-tested’ pragmatic approach.