Securemation Secure By Design

Our “Secure by Design” service offers most value when your organisation starts initial business thinking around something new. It could be a new product or service, a new business transformation project, new IT infrastructure or any other new initiative that will have an element of Cyber Security risks attached to it.  The business outcomes that this service delivers are as follows: 

  1.  Enable more “risk taking” while ensuring it is within your appetite by designing required security controls operating in business process, people, and technology domains. 
  2.  Secure by Design also reduces upfront cost and complexity of cyber security as it becomes an inherent characteristic. 
  3.  Secure by Design ensures that ongoing management of the security controls is cost effective and does not require “hard to get and expensive” cyber security expertise.
  4.  Secure by Design trains your in-house experts on how to manage cyber security risks in the relevant area to ensure business impacts of security breaches are avoided entirely or minimised when the occur. 

Contrary to popular belief, the sooner Cyber Security expertise is engaged when building something new, the higher the chances of success in delivering your desired business outcomes.  Our Secure by Design service is aimed specifically at capitalising on this opportunity.  The alternative is the traditional way of applying security – which is towards the end of product/service design and implementation.  In these scenarios cyber security becomes more just a cost to bear from a compliance perspective as opposed to an investment capable of showing returns to the business (ROI) and being applied more with a risk/reward equation in mind. 

Security concerns are addressed most effectivelyefficiently and at a reduced cost when addressed right from the start of defining something new.  But even more important is the fact that early engagement with cyber security will usually result in a richer product/service offering. This is because assumptions of what can/cannot be done are clarified allowing the business to take greater calculated risks with bigger reward potential – then would otherwise be possible.  Risks that otherwise would not even be contemplated as it is assumed to not be acceptable from a cyber security perspective – will be quantified and controls will be designed to make it acceptable. This results in a more feature rich product/service as an enhanced project outcome.  

If you are still not convinced of the value proposition of our Secure by Design service, please contact us and we will be happy to demonstrate how this can be done. 

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