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Securemation provides a wide spectrum of cyber security services for Australian businesses.  We provide Cyber Security Consulting services as well as the engineering expertise to implement the recommendations we provide your business.  We pride ourselves in the innovative approach of adopting a very scientific way in which we quantify the risk to your business.   This approach allows us to define cyber security solutions that are commensurate with the risk and the impacts posed to your business.  The approach ensures that your investment dollars in Cyber Security are the most optimised spend that it can be. 

As can be seen in the diagram above, our approach to Cyber Security Consulting and Cyber Security Engineering services will create additional and protect existing value to your organisation.  We will enable more calculated risk taking that will enhance your innovation capabilities and thus allow you to become a market leader in your domain and thus increase your customer base.  Cyber Security investments must support your organisation’s goals and objectives to have a solid return on investment (ROI). 

Our people are highly experienced and certified individuals that intimately understand cyber security requirements and appropriate fulfilment of these requirements.  Our certifications range from tactical and very technical and complex ethical hacking abilities, through to strategic level security governance, management, and architecture.   With these abilities, we are able to provide you with solutions addressing the full spectrum of your cyber security requirements. 

If you are building something new, we have a unique way of ensuring that your business ideas can be enhanced by allowing you to take more risks in a calculated manner.  The is the Securemation Secure by Design approach.   This approach will allow you to establish and maintain market leadership in the products and services that you provide to your customers.   While this approach enables you to take more risks (hence provide market leading products and services), it also ensures that the required controls are in place to minimise the likelihood and impacts of cyber security breaches. 

If you want to enhance the cyber security controls present in your organisation today, we can help you with that.  Our Zero Trust Framework will identify all the controls in your organisation that is based on Trust (e.g., your internal servers and various segments of the network might trust each other and thus have weak security policies which attackers are able to compromise easily).  We will review these and strengthen them.  We will also identify the gaps in your controls and fill them in with zero-trust based security controls aligned with security standards including ISO27000 (Annex A) and the ACSC ISM. 

Our experience in cyber security dates to 2000 when we were securing global data centres spread across Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.   The data centres hosted hundreds of thousands of services – many of which would be under attack daily.  Being able to keep the attackers at bay while ensuring service uptime was a constant challenge that we battled and won on a regular basis.  We had to be innovative to provide cost optimised, effective and efficient solutions.  Available technology in those days could not do many of the core functions we needed it to do.  We innovated on a regular basis to prevent the ever-evolving attack vectors from impacting business – with a combination of people, process, and technology solutions. 

 We continue this innovative streak in all our service offerings today.   We understand that cyber security services are not sustainable if they are not cost effective.  The lack of financial sustainability in many solutions leads to compromise which has unacceptable impacts to your business. 

If you are looking for a cyber security services organisation that can provide you the best security solutions within your budget, give us a try.  Fill in the contact us form and we will get in touch with you. 

Securemation Consulting is a wholly Australian-owned and operated business.   As an Australian Cyber Security Consulting Company we will treat your information and data in compliance with your cyber security and information handling requirements and in compliance with Australian legislation.   

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